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Underground Bulk Emulsion Charging Service MINEMOLE

Charging Unit

Developed by MINEMOLE KIRLIOĞLU and produced under the trade name DYNEX BULK in different formulations, it is an Underground Bulk Emulsion Charger with superior features designed for charging the bulk emulsion product into the holes.

MINEMOLE - APS, Air powered unit
MINEMOLE - HPS, unit working with hydraulic system
MINEMOLE - EPS, Electric powered unit
Underground Bulk Emulsion Charging Service MINEMOLE
Technical specifications
Dimensions 1470 x 1470 x 1280 mm
Emulsion Tank Capacity 300 kg
Water Tank Capacity 100 l
Gassing Tank Capacity 40 l
Product Charge Speed ​​(max) 50 kg/min
Usage Advantages
The MINEMOLE unit is Ex-Proof certified.
There is a choice of sensitized product charging or field gassing.
The gassing can be adjusted in the field by the operator.
As the charged DYNEX BULK product fills the hole wall completely, it reflects the blasting energy to the rock. In this way, a high level of chipping is achieved after blasting with fewer holes and a decrease in costs is achieved.
DYNEX BULK has Excellent water resistance.
It offers mobility thanks to its Wireless and Touch Control Panel.
Four different charge amounts can be made in each mirror with a single remote.
Hose suitable for hole diameter can be selected.
The hose retraction reel can be adapted.
Pushing the hose back with the help of the low pressure formed in the hole provides easy and low effort hole charging.
Up to 15 meters can be charged in head-up holes.
Safety Directive

MINEMOLE is classified as dangerous and explosive material. Transport, handling and using of this product by people who are not qualified by reason of  training, experience and authorization may cause injuries and fatal accidents. Therefore; carriage, use, and, when necessary, destruction or disposal of the product should be performed in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Decree no. 87/12028 "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Hunting Equipment and Similar Items related with Non-Monopoly Explosive Articles " and regulatory provisions in force.

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