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Computer Based Applications

As KIRLIOĞLU, we are able to perform 3D modelling in the fields we providing service, with the point cloud created by using drone and drone photography. By transferring this data to the blasting software, we achieve much more perfect results by using both hole geometry, pre-blasting and after blasting.


The system, which offers the opportunity to analyze, data interpretation, store and then report all the data collected, offers the opportunity to monitor the efficiency of the entire blasting operation moment by moment.


Blasting Program and Using Drone (Point Cloud);

- Blasting Design (Underground and Surface Operations)

- Cost Analysis

- Drilling and Blasting Reports

- Storage of All Data

- Graphs of All Data

- Ground Vibration Analysis

- Fragmentation Analysis

 - After Blasting Material Analysis

- Air Blast Analysis

- Energy Distribution Analysis

- 3D Blast Profiling

- Free Face Analysis

- And we are able to perform many analyzes, studies and reports

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