Shock Tube

A shock tube is a three layered plastic tube which is containing reactive explosive material. It is provides to DETEX non-electric detonators can be produced in the desired length and used instead of ignition wire for ignition of DETEX non-electric. Opposite with DETEX electrical detonators, shock tube is not affected by environmental conditions such as electrically charged environment, weather conditions, etc. in the same time it is providing the safe working environment.

This product is manufactured in our company Pobjeda-Rudet d.d. Gorazde, one of the six ignition system manufacturers in Europe, operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1952 and 100% owned by Kırlıoğlu.

Usage Advantages
The tubes are flexible, high tensile strength and resistance against abrasion
The connection is fast and simple.
UV-protected, resistant to chemical agents.
Increases safety and reduces the risk from electrical currents in the field. Is not affected by static electricity.
You can use in every weather conditions.
Usage Areas
In all underground mining and open pit mining such as dams, mines and quarries, road construction.
The environment which does not contain firedamp and other dangerous gases in.
Use in all blasting operations in case of the static electricity and bad weather problems.
Storage Conditions

It should be stored and  transported properly, without exposure to direct sunlight, in dry and well-ventilated magazines in accordance with the Decree No. 87/12028 "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Hunting Equipment and Similar Explosives Excluded from Monopoly".

Introduction video
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