Delay Relays

Detonating cord relay (UDŠ-PR) are made of Aluminium shell. Its a bi-directional detonator consist of two same delay times on both sides of the detonator. The Detonating cord relay (UDŠ-PR) are fully symmetrical and it does not matter which way we put them in line.

This product is manufactured in our company Pobjeda-Rudet d.d. Gorazde, one of the six ignition system manufacturers in Europe, operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1952 and 100% owned by Kırlıoğlu.

Technical specifications
Detonator Shell Aluminum
Shell Diameter 7.2 mm
Delay Time 13 ms; 20 ms; 40 ms; 50 ms
Length 61.1 mm
External Diameter 7.2 mm
Internal Diameter 6.9 mm
Safety Directive
Proper Shipping Name Detonators, NON-ELECTRIC for blasting
UN Number 0029
Class or Division 1.1B
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