It forms the cap part of DETEX MS nonel detonator that is used for the blasting operation. It is used to detonate cap sensitive emulsion explosives DYNEX series and similar explosive materials with short delay intervals.

This product is manufactured in our company Pobjeda-Rudet d.d. Gorazde, one of the six ignition system manufacturers in Europe, operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1952 and 100% owned by Kırlıoğlu.

Usage Advantages
Highest level of safety against mechanical impact and friction
Ease of use and transport
Does not cause desensitization of explosive in the column charge
Safe use in wet conditions
Increased work efficiency owing to faster use and ease of hookup
Technical specifications
Shell Aluminum
Shell Diameter 7.2 mm
Delay Range 1 - 20 (25 ms interval)
Usage Areas
Dams, mines and quarries, road constructions, open pit blasting
When there is no hazard of firedamp or other dangerous gases
Blasting operations where vibration or airblast problems are a concern
Blasting operations when there is hazard of static electricity and adverse weather conditions
Blasting operations in wet conditions
Storage Conditions

It should be stored and  transported properly, without exposure to direct sunlight, in dry and well-ventilated magazines in accordance with Decree No. 87/12028 "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Hunting Equipment and Similar Explosives Excluded from Monopoly".

Safety Directive
Proper Shipping Name DETONATORS, NON-ELECTRIC for blasting
UN Number 29 - 0455
1.1 B - 1.4 S
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