DYNEX GOLD is a cap sensitive emulsion explosive with excellent fragmentation and heave energy, formulated for blasting applications in tunnels and underground mines except for atmospheres containing underground gases such as methane. Thanks to its high energy and detonation velocity, it offers perfect solutions in all types of rock formations.

Usage Advantages
Superior performance in all kinds of blasting operations thanks to its special formulation.
Less downtime and less loss of work, especially in underground operations, thanks to low gas emission
Excellent water resistance
Highest standards of safety against impact and friction
Lower labour costs due to ease of transport and hole loading
Technical specifications
Density 1.10 - 1.20 g/cm3
Detonation Velocity min. 6000 m/s
Energy 4380 kj/kg
Gas Volume 904 l/kg
Explosion Temperature 3053°k
Shelf Life 6 months
Usage Suggestions
It can be used safely in harsh field conditions, in the range of -20/+40°C.
It should be used together with Electric Detonator (No:8 strength), Non-Electric Detonator (DETEX),
Electronic Detonator
(DETEX electronic) or Detonating Cord (10 gr/m and above).
Impact should never be applied with a metal stemming bar inside the hole. If necessary, it should be inserted into the hole using a wooden stemming bar, avoiding any impact.
It should be kept in mind that cartridge packages can remain in the hole for months without deteriorating, provided that they are not damaged, and may explode when ignited or when exposed to impact.
It is not recommended for use on reactive grounds or when the ground temperature exceeds 40°C.
Usage Areas
Underground mining operations
Tunnel blastings
Presplitting applications
Trench blasting
Specialized blasting applications
As a booster in all types of open pit blasting
Storage Conditions

Like all explosives, DYNEX GOLD should be stored and transported in accordance with Decree No. 87/12028 "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Hunting Equipment and Similar Explosives Excluded from Monopoly".

Safety Directive

DYNEX GOLD is classified as dangerous and explosive material. Transport, handling and using of this product by people who are not qualified by reason of  training, experience and authorization may cause injuries and fatal accidents. Therefore; carriage, use, and, when necessary, destruction or disposal of the product should be performed in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Decree no. 87/12028 "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Hunting Equipment and Similar Items related with Non-Monopoly Explosive Articles " and regulatory provisions in force.

Class 1.1 D
UN Number 0241
Packaging 20 kg, in Cardboard Boxes
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