DYNEX 6000

DYNEX 6000 is a booster sensitive emulsion explosive that can be used safely in all types of blasting operations. It can be used not only as a substitute for ANFOEX in wet holes, but it also yields excellent results, especially when used in hard rock formations or at the bottom of the borehole, zone of most difficult breakage, even if the hole is dry.

Usage Advantages
Superior performance in all types of blasting operations thanks to its special formulation
Requires less amount to be used than its counterparts in the market, thanks to its stay in the hole without losing its physical form.
It can be formulated to suit any type of rock by changing its composition.
Less downtime and less loss of work thanks to low gas emission
Excellent water resistance
Highest standards of safety against impact and friction
Technical specifications
Density 1.20 - 1.30 g/cm³
Detonation Velocity Min. 6100 m/s
Energy 3210 kj/kg
Gas Volume 1041 lt/kg
Explosion Temperature 2395°K
Shelf Life 6 months
Usage Suggestions
It should be used not only in wet holes, but also in dry holes where water is likely to be present by the time of detonation, in hard rocks even if they are dry, and at the bottom of the holes.
Satisfactory amount of priming compound (DYNEX 100 or DYNEX GOLD) should be used in order to release sufficient energy and create detonation pressure.
Care should be taken to keep the cartridge diameter as close to the hole diameter as possible.
It is not recommended for use in reactive ground conditions or when the ground temperature exceeds 40°C.
It should be kept in mind that cartridge packages can remain in the hole for months without deterioration, provided that they are not damaged, and that they may detonate when fired or when exposed to impact.
Usage Areas
Formulated for both wet and dry blast holes in surface coal mines
For wet trench blasting applications
Blasting for production and excavation in surface mining, including pits and quarries.
As a base charge in all surface blasts where good base breakage is required.
Specialized blasting applications
Storage Conditions

Like all explosives, DYNEX 6000 should be stored and transported in accordance with Decree No. 87/12028 "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Hunting Equipment and Similar Explosives Excluded from Monopoly".

Safety Directive

DYNEX 6000 is classified as dangerous and explosive material. Transport, handling and using of this product by people who are not qualified by reason of  training, experience and authorization may cause injuries and fatal accidents. Therefore; carriage, use, and, when necessary, destruction or disposal of the product should be performed in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Decree no. 87/12028 "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Hunting Equipment and Similar Items related with Non-Monopoly Explosive Articles " and regulatory provisions in force.

Class 1. 1 D
U.N. No 0241
Packaging 20 kg cardboard boxes
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