ANFOEX is a powder explosive prepared by homogeneously mixing 94.3% porous prilled Ammonium Nitrate and 5.7% diesel fuel oil by weight.

Usage Advantages
Thanks to its granular and free flowing properties, it fills boreholes completely, thus delivering maximum energy.
Provides convenience for the crew due to its ease of loading, unloading, carriage and loading of boreholes.
Offers a higher level of safety against initiation by friction, impact and other mechanical means compared with other explosives.
is an economical and efficient explosive.
Technical specifications
Density 0.75 - 0.80 g/cm³
Detonation Velocity min. 4820 m/s
Energy 4840 kj/kg
Gas Volume 995 lt/kg
Explosion Temperature 3060°K
Shelf Life 6 months
Usage Suggestions
Satisfactory amount of priming compound (DYNEX 100 or DYNEX GOLD) should be used in order to release sufficient energy and create detonation pressure.
It should be used especially when conditions are dry in the blast holes or when it is certain that the holes will remain dry until it is time to blast.
It is especially recommended for use in boreholes with a diameter of 51 mm and over, which are considered as medium and large size diameters.
It should be used when the temperature measured inside the hole ranges between -20/+40°C.
It is not recommended for use in wet holes, in grounds containing reactive sulphides, or in hot grounds.
Application of ANFOEX in combination with detonating cord may result in loss of energy in all cases, especially in small diameter holes. It may also cause ANFOEX to ignite when using the high-density cords.
Usage Areas
In canal blastings
In every construction and area excavations
In stripping operations of coal and metal mines
In raw material quarries of cement and lime plants
In every quarry blastings
Storage Conditions

ANFOEX is in dangerous explosive class so that has to be handled, transported and used by qualified person. In every step of usage and transportation, regulation 87/12028 should be guided. Apply “Material Safety Data Sheet” when skin contact, eating, eye contact etc. health risking issues.

Safety Directive

ANFOEX is classified as dangerous and explosive material. Transport, handling and using of this product by people who are not qualified by reason of  training, experience and control authority may cause injuries and fatal accidents. Therefore; carriage, use, and, when necessary, destruction or disposal of the product should be performed in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Decree no. 87/12028 "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Hunting Equipment and Similar Items related with Non-Monopoly Explosive Articles " and regulatory provisions in force.

Class 1. 1D
U.N. No 0082
Explosive Type D
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