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Other Activities

Privredna Banka Sarajevo d.d (PBS)

KIRLIOĞLU owns the 12.68% shares of PBS Bank in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is one of the largest local banks in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

PBS Bank, which has 15 branches in total throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina, is represented by one member each in the board of directors and supervisory board consisting of 5 members.r.
Privredna Banka Sarajevo (PBS) holds all commercial banking licenses including deposit acceptance. Privredna Banka Sarajevo shares are quoted on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange (Sarajevo Stock Exchange- “SASE”) and their shares are traded in SASE with the code “BORBRK3″.

To access the official website of Privredna Banka Sarajevo (PBS), click  www.pbs.ba

Privredna Banka Sarajevo d.d (PBS)

Renewable Energy

Taking its first steps in 2017 in the “Renewable Energy” sector, an environmentally friendly energy source which can be reproduced using existing resources and which is growing steadily in importance all over the world as a result of increasing depletion of traditional energy resources, KIRLIOĞLU always aims to leave a better world for future generations by working in an innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit.

In this context, the Solar Power Plant with a capacity of 6.9 MW, located on an area of 115.079 m² in Izmir Province, Tire District, Alacalı Mahallesi, No: 25, which belongs to our company, was completed and started production on 31.07.2017 and continues to generate electricity uninterruptedly until today.

Renewable Energy
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