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Company Profile

As a company aiming to operate in accordance with the necessities of the time by running its commercial activities in the way of approaching all explosive material user companies with the consciousness of a business partner rather than a client and by having the purpose of making all employees and users act primarily within the framework of safety, security, environmental awareness, and then mutual value creation and benefit, Kırlıoğlu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, embarked on its journey in 2000.

Company Profile

The Only Turkish Company

Kırlıoğlu has taken an important step in 2015 towards being a global actor by buying all shares of the company Pobjeda-Rudet which operates in Bosnia-Herzegovina and which is one of the 6 ignition system manufacturers in Europe.”. In this sense, our company is the only company of its sector in our country that has a foreign investment and the only Turkish company that can produce all the products needed in blasting operations.

Export Leadership

Kırlıoğlu, not only delivering its products to its clients in Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina but exporting them to 45 different countries, carries our flag in these countries and also holds the title of being the biggest exporter in its sector.


Kırlıoğlu continues to be the pioneer of the sector in terms of developing and releasing new products and services in line with the developing technology and market expectations. For this purpose;

Electronic Detonator Production

After the construction of ELECTRONIC DETONATOR production unit which is the first and the only one in Turkey was completed in 2019, test production started and by starting mass production in the first quarter of 2021, it has taken its place in the market with the brand ‘DETEX electronic’. This product, including the Software and Hardware parts, has been developed completely by our company without making any technology transfer.

Underground Bulk Emulsion Charge (MINEMOLE)

Again, in 2019, the production and tests of the first and only 100% domestic production Underground Bulk Emulsion Charging Unit in Turkey were completed with the name MINEMOLE and the special formulation developed for the underground and tunnel blasting operations is used actively together with the product.

Permissible Emulsion

Our company, which produced the first and only Permissible Emulsion product MethanEX of Turkey in 2014 in its facilities in Afyonkarahisar and which released it to the market after testing it in the Methane Explosive Testing Unit (which is also the first and only authorized one in Turkey), fills a gap in this field and provides a great contribution to the mining industry in our country.

100% Turkish Capital

With having facilities and sales network today not only in our country but also in Europe, Kırlıoğlu continues to grow and develop day by day together with its business partners, as a company with 100% Turkish capital representing our country all over the world.

Widespread Distribution Network

Together with its production facilities in Afyonkarahisar in Türkiye and in Gorazde in Bosnia & Herzegovina, its own technology and production capacity, its own warehouses in Afyonkarahisar, İzmir, Giresun and Sivas as well as with its dealer network spread throughout the country, KIRLIOGLU is one of the biggest producers of our country.

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