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Company Policy

Integrated System Policy

Kırlıoğlu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. management and all its employees;

  • Knowing the mission and vision of the company by all our employees and business partners and advancing to common goals together,
  • Defining, implementing and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System in a way that meets the needs and expectations of our customers,
  • Carrying out the works in line with environmental awareness, laws, regulations and international standards,
  • Measuring the performance of the works carried out with the right methods and reviewing their suitability,
  • Developing creative and innovative products and services in line with customers' expectations by supporting business processes with new ideas
  • Increasing production efficiency by following technological developments,
  • Demonstrating a management approach that focuses on customer requests and requirements and keeps satisfaction above expectations,
  • Establishing beneficial relationships with suppliers and the organizations they work with,
  • Working in synergistic effect, support and solidarity between units and individuals by keeping the team mentality at the forefront at all levels,
  • Identifying hazards that may occur during the execution of activities, preventing risks for employees and customers by providing a safe and secure environment,
  • To be a pioneer in the sector in terms of human health and environmental awareness during the execution of activities,
  • To improve our purpose; Focusing on opportunities by taking into account the risks of processes and services, by following internal and external issues, needs and expectations of related parties,
  • undertakes to work in line with Integrated Management Processes and to ensure customer satisfaction.
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