The main services of Kırlıoğlu in explosive sector;

• Production of explosives for civil use and production of initiation systems,
• Underground and surface emulsion charging with specially equipped explosive charging equipments.
• Anfo charging in the hole with specially equipped explosive charging trucks.
• ADR-certified transport vehicles and the transport of explosives,
• Drilling service with automatic drilling machines in all kinds of grounds.
• Appropriate explosive choice in underground and surface blastings.
• The importation-Exportation of all kinds of explosives which are needed for civil use.
• Representative offices of international companies,
• Complete blasting design and special blasting applications,
• Assessment of the environmental affects arising from blastings,
• Complete blasting services with experienced and teams with technical knowledge,
• Mobile warehouse supply,
• Issuing a permit for using and purchasing explosives,
• The supply of all kinds of accessories which are needed in blasting applications.

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