Kırlıoğlu is always there for you with its professional management team and technical team in the following fields of activity and solutions;

1- Production of Explosives for Civil Purpose
  • Electronic Detonator Production*
  • Electric Detonator Production*
  • Non-Electric Detonator Production *
  • Emulsion Explosive (cartridged and bulk) Production
  • Plain Detonator Production*
  • Permissible Cartridged Emulsion Production*
  • Anfo Production
  • Shock Tube Production*


2- Underground and Above-Ground Bulk Emulsion Charging Service
  • · Underground Bulk Emulsion Charging Service
  • · Aboveground Bulk Emulsion Charging Service


3- Storage of Explosive Materials
4- Drilling and Blasting Service
5- National and International Explosives Transportation
6- Drilling-Blasting Design, Consulting
7- Measurement, Reporting and Consultancy of Environmental Impacts originating from Blasting

 * KIRLIOĞLU is the only Turkish company that can produce these products.  

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