Low Gas Emission, High Safety, High Performance ...

MethanEX is a cap sensitive emulsion explosive produced with the purpose of using in underground coal mines that have particularly methane gas output and have the methane risk.It has hight detanation pressure and has the breaking strength.It shows excellent resitance agains water.The released gas rates as a result of blasting are very low compared to "TNT and Nitroglycerin-based" explosives.It has been aimed both the protection of human health and minimizing ventilation time with low gas rate after blasting. MethanEX is a high safety product as well as it has a high performance.MethanEX which is highly safe against impact, friction and also mechanical effects is an indispensable cap sensetive explosive of underground coal mining.Instructions should be followed to use MethanEX safe and with maximum efficiency.


Usage Areas

• In all mines that have high risk of methane.
• In underground coal mines.
• Near the old manufacturing stone chimneys.


• Excellent property of water resistance
• Low gas emission after blasting
• Excellent safety against mechanical impact and frictions
• Easy charging and carrying comfort
• Excellent performance in every blasting operations


MethanEX is a cap sensitive permissible explosive.It is fired with standart permissible copper detonators that have poer No.8

Handling and Transportation

Like all explosives, MethanEx has to be handled and transported as every kind of explosive, according to regulation 87/12028.

Safety Instruction

MethanEX is in dangerous explosive class so that has to be handled, transported and used by qualified person. In every step of usage and transportation, regulation 87/12028 should be guided. Apply “Material Safety Data Sheet” when skin contact, eating, eye contact etc. health risking issues.

*This product is manufactured by Kırlıoğlu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.’s Explosive and NonEl Production Plant located in Afyonkarahisar-Turkey. 

Technical Properties

Ressistance to Water : Excellent
V.O.D. (m/s) : Min.4000 *
Density (gr/cm3) : 1,10 – 1,20
Energy (Mj/kg) : 2,98
Gas Volume (lt/kg) : 981
Diameters (mm) : 32
Packing : In 20 kg cardboard boxes
* Unpacked and in 32 mm diameter plastic fim
Class : 1. 1D U.N. No :0241
Explosive Type : E


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