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DYNEX 6000 is a booster sensitive emulsion explosive that can be used confidently in watery holes. It provides more efficient results to explode compared to its equivalents because of different formulation. Can be used confidently in watery holes of open pit mining operations, road constructions, dam and quarries. It substitutes with water in watery holes due to its higher density than water. Fluidity function of explosive provides complete charging of holes without any empty space.


Usage Areas

• In every open pit coal mining in wet&dry holes
• In watery canal blastings
• In open pit mining,quarry and every mining operations and excavation blastings
• As dip hole charging in surface blasting operations for perfect base crush
• In special blasting operations


• Excellent property of water resistance
• Low gas emission after blasting
• Excellent performance in every operations
• Excellent safety against mechanical impact and frictions
• Easy charging and carrying


DYNEX 6000 is a booster sensitive explosive . Maximum performance can be provided by firing with cap sensitive emulsion explosive DYNEX GOLD or DYNEX 100.

Handling and Transportation

DYNEX 6000 has to be handled and transported as every kind of explosive, according to regulation 87/12028.

Safety Instruction

DYNEX 100 is in dangerous explosive class so that has to be handled, transported and used by qualified person. In every step of usage and transportation, regulation 87/12028 should be guided. Apply “Material Safety Data Sheet” when skin contact, eating, eye contact etc. health risking issues.

*This product is manufactured by Kırlıoğlu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.’s Explosive and NonEl Production Plant located in Afyonkarahisar-Turkey. 

Technical Properties

Ressistance to Water : Excellent
V.O.D. (m/s) : 4.700 *
Density (gr/cm3) : 1,15 – 1,25
Energy (Mj/kg) : 3,21
Gas Volume (lt/kg) : 1116
Diameters (mm) : 60, 70, 90, 120, 140
Packing : In 20 kg cardboard boxes
* in 125 mm diameter PVC tube
Class: 1. 1D U.N. No:0241
Explosive Type : E


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