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detEX HD is a combination of down hole nonelectrical (detEX MS) and surface connector (detEX SD) detonators. Desired delay interval can be manufactured for both of the detEX HD detonators. Provides ease of use especially in long series blastings as canals.


Usage Areas

• In long and serial canal blastings
• In open pit coal mines and quarries
• In highway and road constructions
• In excavating operations of dam constructions


• Safety to mechanical impact and frictions
• Easy charge and carry
• Perfect rock fragmentation after blasting
• Perfect delay control opportunity
• Confidence in watery conditions
• Job efficiency due to quick utilization and easy connection function


detEX HD is a nonelectrical firing system. Can be fired by another detEX HD,detEX SD surface connection system , electrical detonator or min. 5gr/m detonating cord.

Handling and Transportation

detEX HD has to be handled and transported as every kind of explosive, according to regulation 87/12028.

Safety Instruction

detEX HD is in dangerous explosive class so that has to be handled, transported and used by qualified person. In every step of usage and transportation, regulation 87/12028 should be guided. Apply “Material Safety Data Sheet” when skin contact, eating, eye contact etc. health risking issues.


*This product is manufactured by Kırlıoğlu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.’s Explosive and NonEl Production Plant located in Afyonkarahisar-Turkey. 

Delay Periods
detEX HD Group

Number Delay Time Connector Colour
HD 17/500 17 – 500 Yellow
HD 25/500 25 – 500 Red
HD 42/500 42 – 500 White
HD 67/500 67 – 500 Blue
HD 109/500 109 – 500 Black
HD 176/500 176 – 500 Orange
Class :1. 1B
U.N. No :0360
Explosive Type :D
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