Product Description
The DETEX electronic communication cable consists of a detonator with an electronic board at one end and a structure with a communication connector at the other end.It is a system that can simultaneously control and ignite a total of 1000 caps from four different channels.DETEX electronic through precision and programmable sensitve delay identification feature, any delay identification between 0 – 15,000 ms can be made at intervals of 1 ms.

Usage Advantages

• It is fully programmable.
• DETEX electronic keeps security at the highest level in field and blasting operations, owing to its specially configured security card (RFID Card) in electronic detonator applications.
• Thanks to its delay and configuration feature, it greatly reduces the vibration that occurs at the time of blasting.
• DETEX electronic detonators provide ease of application in the field due to their independent polarity feature, while minimizing errors.
• The Detex electronic detonator connectors can be used on wet surfaces.
• DETEX electronic ignition systems have high-resistance protection equipment against over- current, over-voltage, static electricity and electromagnetic waves.

Technicial Specifications

Base Charge : PETN
Shell material : Aluminum
Product Cable : 0.6 mm copper/single wire, duplex, red
Surface Line Cable:1 mm copper/multiple-wire, duplex, yellow
Max. Cable Length In-Hole : 50 m
Usage Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature: -25°C to +70°C
Cable Tensile Strength : 140 N
Shelf Life: 24 months
Water Resistance: 48 hours under 3 bar pressure
ESD Resistance: EN 13763-13
Rf resistance : EN 13763-27



BLASTER master
Device Description:
The BLASTER master provides communication between the detonator list it retrieves from LOGGER and the detonators connected to the BLASTER add-on device.It matches the list it receives from LOGGER with the detonators connected to the line, controls it and prepares the ignition system so that it can trigger the detonation command.

Technicial Specifications

Max. Detonators can be connected: 1000 pcs
Max. LOGGERs can be connected: 3 pcs
Max. Blaster slaves can be connected : 4 pcs
Max. Length of Line: 1500 m
Connection with Blaster Slave: Wired and Wireless
Connection with Logger : Wireless
IP Class : IP 65
Explosion Security: RFID smart card
Display : Touchscreen
Usage Time: 10 hours
Usage Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Language Options :Turkish, English



Device Description:

The DETEX electronic Blaster slave enables communication between the DETEX electronic detonators and the BLASTER master.During the connection of DETEX electronic detonator connectors to the lines, the formation of short circuits is prevented owing to the line control feature on it.
Technicial Specifications

Max. Detonators can be connected: 250 pcs
Max. Length of Line: 500 m
Connection with Blaster Slave: Wired
IP Class : IP 65
Number of Detonator on the line Control Feature: Available
Usage Time: 10 hours
Usage Temperature: -10°C to 50°C





Device Description:

DETEX electronic® LOGGER is a communication interface that can communicate with DETEX electronic detonators, assign individual and collective delay times and keep logs of suchtimes.
Technicial Specifications:

Max. Detonators can be connected: 500 pcs
Connection with Blaster Master : Wireless
IP Class: IP 68
Display : Touchscreen
Usage Time: 8 hours
Usage Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Language Options :Turkish, English


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