It is the blasting cap part of detEX MS Nonel Detonator.  Its function is initiating the explosives similar to Cap Sensitive DYNEX series. It blasts with short delay intervals.

Usage Areas:

•  Dams, mines and quarries, road construction, open pit mines.

•  The environment which does not contain firedamp and other dangerous gases in.

• Vibration problematic blastings

• In bad weather conditions also static electric problematic weather

• In watery conditions


•  Safety to mechanical impact and friction

•  The explosion just in time.

• Efficient blasting results

• Confidence in watery conditions


Delay Range                  : 1-20 No (25ms interval)

Shell Type                      : Aluminium

Shell Diameter              : 7.2 mm

Primary Charge             : 160 mg Lead Azide

Secondary  Charge       : 800 mg PETN

Power                               :  No.8

V. O. D                              : 7. 500 m/sn

Shipping  Name             : UN 0029, Detonators, Nonelectric, for Blasting,  1.1B

In appropriate packing conditions; UN0455, DETANATOR, NON-ELECTRIC, 1.4S


It must be protected and transported in appropriate storage areas that dry well ventilated,  without exposure to direct sunlight.

*This product is produced at Kırlıoğlu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.’s Initiation Systems Production Plant located in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

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