NonEL Detonators Elements



It is the blasting cap part of detEX SD Nonel Surface Detonator. It provides fully controlled inifinite delay numbers in blasting and design with detEX Nonel .It does not have a shrapnel effect so that no need to bury in the ground.

Usage Areas:

Used in conjunction with detEX HD or detEX MS/LP detonators assemblies provide flexibility in blast design and ease of use.  Use in the environment which does not contain firedamp and other dangerous gases in.


• Fully controlled numbers of delays

• Low shrapnel effect

• Safety to mechanical impact and frictions

• Infinite numbers of delays

• Confidence in watery condition


Delay Range               : 17,25,42,67,109,176 ms

Shell Type                   : Aluminium

Shell Diameter            : 7.2 mm

Shipping  Name          : UN 0029, Detonators, Nonelectric, for Blasting,  1.1B


It must be protected and transported in appropriate storage areas that dry well ventilated,  without exposure to direct sunlight.

*This product is manufactured by Kırlıoğlu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. at Bosnia & Herzegovina Factory. 

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