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ANFOex is a powder explosive which consists homogeneous mixture of %94.3 Porous-Prill Ammonium Nitrate and %5.7 fuel oil by weight. This specific ratio provides optimum oxygen balance. ANFOex is produced to use in dry holes. In watery holes, it is not suitable to use ANFOex by putting in different package materials. It provides optimum hole charge because of its free falling granular form It is not suitable to use in holes under 45 mm diameter in horizontal hole applications because of this property.


Usage Areas

• In canal blastings
• In every construction and area excavations
• In stripping operations of coal and metal mines ,
• In raw material quarries of cement and lime plants
• In every quarry blastings
• In motorway blastings
• In every excavation operations of dam constructions


• Safety in mechanical impact and frictions
• Easy charge and carrying
• Economic


ANFOex is a booster sensitive explosive. Must be fired with sufficient quantity of cap sensitive explosive DYNEX 100 or DYNEX GOLD. It is suggested that the both diameter of capsensitive explosive should be close to and the length is 5 fold of hole diameter.

Handling and Transportation

ANFOex has to be handled and transported as every kind of explosive, according to regulation 87/12028.

Safety Instruction

ANFOex is in dangerous explosive class so that has to be handled, transported and used by qualified person. In every step of usage and transportation, regulation 87/12028 should be guided. Apply “Material Safety Data Sheet” when skin contact, eating, eye contact etc. health risking issues.

*This product is manufactured by Kırlıoğlu Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.’s Explosive and NonEl Production Plant located in Afyonkarahisar-Turkey. 

Technical Properties

Ressistance to Water : Poor
V.O.D. (m/s) : 4.350 *
Density (gr/cm3) : 0,78 – 0,72
Energy (Mj/kg) : 3,91
Gas Volume (lt/kg) : 981
Detonation Temperature (K) : 2935
Packing : In 25 kg PP/PE double folded bags
* in 125 mm PVC tube
Class : 1. 1D U.N. No :0082
Explosive Type : D


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