About Us


Since 1996, we continue to be your strength in all the works required to be explosive extending from underground mining to open quarry mining, from quarrying to the production of industrial raw materials, from highway construction to dam construction.

Kırlıoğlu is always with you with the production and storage facilities located in Afyonkarahisar, explosive storage facility located in İzmir, with ADR-certified transport fleet of ownself and contracted vendors in many regions of Turkey.

Kırlıoğlu, as only % 100 domestic capital firm who makes Anfo production, is the shining star of explosive sector with the DYNEX brand, with Emulsion type of explosive detEX brand, with NONEL and with ANFOex brand which are the needs of the sector.

Additionally, all parts of Electric Detonator, Non-Electric Detonator, Plain Detonator and Shock Tube are produced at KIRLIOGLU Initiation Systems Production Facilities in Bosnia&Herzegovina.

Kırlıoğlu approaches each company who uses explosives with a sense of Project partner not with a customer perspective and continues his works complying with the requirements of today to operate safer and in the optimum cost in the working environments of users.

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